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I am little befuddle by this problem.

First of all, how could they have passed the AppStore validation process with something like this ? ¬†Personally just to show (no upload!) the adressbook I have been ask to show a popup to notify the user …

Secondly, I do think it’s a bit easy to apologize after you get caught  ! Don’t do it on the first place, as it’s a lack of respect for your consumers.

I really think that Apple should implement a location permission like dialog for that kind of information.

All this kind of privacy issue are important. Because the appstore is a shared store between all developers and confidence is the key of it’s success. Everything rely on this confidence and if it’s not the case we could end up with a Android Market Place (Low ROI, malware, scam apps and moreover no consumer confidence…).¬†

So, please, Don’t do this kind of things !