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Overall I think it’s a killer product compared to AppleTV and Miracast because they succeed to focus only on what people really do with their appleTV while being cheap and “open”. It’s a very good news for the Android ecosystem as Android users will be able to enjoy sending content to the big screen like Apple users enjoys for years without being limited to Apple device only.


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What about an acquisition of social? Kara asks.

Cook says iMessage and Game Center are social products that Apple does. Plus it has “elegant” integration with Facebook and Twitter.

So apple vision of social is a Vegas table where you can be ranked among strangers.


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Found on twitter :

I really don’t understand why people think it’s creepy ?? phew … there is really, too much negativity in the tech industry. #sarcasm


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Everyone is scratching their head on this postPC market. This great article explain that it’s not the size of your truck that define the victory.

I agree with that but here the problem : how do you compete when you only have a bicycle ? 

Answer : you can’t.

remember Apple 20 years ago ? I was there and it was not pretty. A Mac cost two times a PC with almost no apps (by comparison).

Samsung is now able to ship phones with a big profit and almost the same quality as an iPhone 4/3GS. And they will not stop here … they will raise the quality and slash the price.

But more importantly a samsung phone will cost way less to produce than an Apple Phone. At some point you cannot compete. Scale matters in manufacturing.

Add to the mix that when when Android developers do at least 75% of revenue compared to iOS, apps maker will jump in the trunk of the truck and go android.

And to me, it’s coming.


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today we will know if the game console will survive another year … instead of being eaten by PostPC devices.

To be franc I am not sure that those guys understood, that the market changed and if they continue to do business as usual it will end up like the PC industry. The window is closing in.

FYI generated revenue by game on iOS/android are already higher than game console revenue … and it’s accelerating.


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I genuinely respect a lot John Gruber, I listen to his podcast, read his website since more than 10 years, met him briefly twice and follow him on twitter. He have most of time some great moments of clarity.

what baffle me is his position on the market share.

I am not in the camp that root for the market share no matter what … indeed as we can see in the post pc market, demography of quality and developer revenue are more important than pure download/devices number. But here what shock me again and again since 3 years :

Apple will do just fine if its long-term position in the phone market settles in like its position in the PC market.

Apple will. But Developers and Users will not. look at the mac today : very few apps and vey few games, because dev struggle to make a living.

is that what Gruber want for iOS devices ?

Note that this kind of blurry and foggy vision is unfortunately quite common when you are the mindshare leader. 

because it’s what gonna to happen (until Apple change the game again) once the app revenue will move to other platform, developers will follow. More developer means more apps and little by little a better quality. Not as good but good enough for the mass.

Android monthly store revenue is on the rise and dev earn now about 50% of what they could earn on iOS. Android devices (htc one mostly) are little by little approaching the build quality of an iPhone. they will reach the good enough state soon.

And this analogy with the mac is not accurate either, because the mac rely a lot on the web with a true compatible browser for all those web apps. In the app world that do not work that way and we will be force to run Android or Windows apps in an emulator like in the past … so it will be the mac before web apps.

from me : hey @gruber, remember the time where we had only a crappy browser and really few quality apps on the mac ? I was there and it was not pretty.

And we are heading right into it. And that’s a lesson from the past that Apple should have learned. I will still be there because I love simplicity and design but most of iOS Developers that sold out the WWDC will not be here in few years … along with their apps.

it will not happen this year as the Apple ecosystem is better than ever with millions of iDevices in the hand of real customers, but if the trend continue it will happen as this phenomenon was cast at the outset of iPhoneOS (no licensing vs install everywhere)

Until Apple change the game again … but until that disruptive force come again (mac,iPod, itunes, iPhone, iPad …)  the ecosystem will loss lot of value for users and developers.


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I am already an asshole … I don’t want to be a glasshole too :/

And if I had the money I would buy a segway … (that say a lot)

First, there is nothing more personal than a face and I don’t think that people are ready to wear that. The Face is  very personal and with the segway effect (rich and weird), I am really convince that it will not work … like google wave.

Secondly, at this point in time, the value added by GoogleGlass is simply too low. why on hell I am gonna to wear those glasses all the time  just to take few pictures and videos ??? Answer : I will not.   

Unless GoogleGlass find a killer feature that make it indispensable like a phone …  


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French homeland intelligence threatens a volunteer sysop to delete a Wikipedia Article

While I agree that it make sense to delete this wikipage, I find the method quite disturbing for a democracy.


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Since two months iOS outperform Android in the US based and horace gave his vision of this fact.

However, I would have to slightly disagree with horace analysis on the reasons why iOS outperform Android in the US.

to me, here the reasons :

 Samsung announced it’s next generation flagship phone (SG4) since december. lot of buyer are waiting for the next generation. This phenomenon happen to Apple too, a month before a new phone is release the sale plunge.

 user satisfaction drive the network effect. Indeed Apple product have a user satisfaction way higher than samesung so when people ask their buddy what they should buy, they will probably recommend an iPhone. Also as most people have a cheap android phone, the comparison is way in favor of the iPhone.Only the new HTC is able to compete on the build quality of the iPhone but they are too small.

 The financial crisis is an old nightmare in the US. People spend more and want to buy high end product like the iPhone. Samsung due to a poor build quality have a light penetration in the high-end/hipster market. On the other hand, the financial crisis and low budget is still thriving in Europe.

As I predicted in january, I think that Android market share is gonna to continue to shrink in 2013 due to the manufacturer fragmentation between windows/Android, a lower user satisfaction and the Europe financial recovering.

But make no mistake this Market share statistic is not something that dev should take as a stimulus to develop for android or iOS. Indeed only two indicators should be taken in account :

- The number of download in the appStore or google play if you have a eyeball business plan (ads)

- The revenue per App.

Android have pretty much the same number of download than iOS, so a ads business driven make total sense. On the other hand android is still very week on the IAP and generate 4 times less than iOS.

And that lead to the main question : does those new android/iOS users have a “better” demography (better IAP) ? Cause as we have seen on iOS, number of users do not really matter, it’s what they do with their phone that do.


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I am always befuddle to see how naive our industry is. 

The word of mouth and other PR tend to make us believe that google reader has been stop because of cost issue.

it is not! First google reader did not change since many years and secondly for a company like that 2/3 engineer to fix bugs and maintain a so small infrastructure is pin-nuts. Furthermore knowing what people are interested in is what google is making money on.

Google Reader is dead because Google+ is the new darling of google. Simple as that. Feature wise you are gonna to be able to do almost the same things connect with your interest with g+ communities and other website news via following them directly.

it make total sense for google to close this insider competitor! And guess what, in my opinion, G+ is a good product and to me you will be better off there than with a RSS reader.